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CYRRO protects data in all areas of your business

The below assets in your business contain irreplaceable information. Because of their mobility, or amount of data, they are extremely susceptible to data loss.



Your workforce is carrying valuable data with them. Due to the inherent mobility of these machines, they’re more vulnerable than a stationary computer. They get transported with your staff in their vehicles, they can be stolen, or even dropped. Protecting the data contained on them is key to keeping your workers productive.



In the office, workstations are vulnerable to accidental file deletion and equipment failure. In 2010, 70% of organisations in the UK lost system data. This occurs frequently, while accidental, can compromise a large amounts of company information.



Servers are the centre of your organisation's data. They are also vulnerable to equipment failure, power surges, or in rare cases, accidental deletion. Losing server data simply isn’t worth the risk. With CYRRO be safe with backing up any kind of servers including Windows Servers, Exchange Servers, Sharepoint Servers, SQL Servers etc.


Mobile Devices

Nowadays mobile devices are getting very stronger in capacity and performance so that most of the work we usually did through laptops or PC’s before can be easily done through it. And also the ease of accessibility and mobility tends the employees to use such devices more to store the data. As well as the chances of losing or get stolen also increases with mobile devices. Don’t worry, CYRRO can backup your mobile data as well no matter it is an android or ios based.